Development/Asset Management

The management of development projects is a highly complex and demanding task, and there is a direct correlation between the effective management of an investment property and the degree of success realized in an investment. Our expert team knows how to execute new development projects – including land planning, permitting, value engineering, contractor selection, and builder selection.

JLAM provides strong, professional asset management for our clients’ properties. These assignments cover a wide spectrum of property types, from office building and shopping center projects to residential subdivisions. Many of these asset management assignments require JLAM to contend with such situations as securing a change of zone, identifying potential tenants and securing ideal tenants.

When JLAM is acting as asset manager, our staff establishes an overall management and project strategy and creates an annual operating budget. This budget is reviewed monthly against actual results from the property. All receipts and disbursements are accounted for, and strict control is maintained over all cash assets. JLAM inspects each property with the necessary frequency, and is on-site multiple days per week for projects under development. At the end of each quarter, a detailed accounting report is provided to the owner, and a recapitulation is provided each year.