Our business objective is to achieve investment success while making a difference for local communities and their residents. We are firmly committed to our role as a corporate citizen and socially responsible investor, and work on multiple fronts to improve the communities in which we invest, develop, and live.

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Real Estate Investments

Our real estate investments provide community and environmental benefits that last well beyond our investment holding period, such as reduced traffic congestion, walk-able neighborhoods, energy-efficient buildings, enhanced open space, and revitalized sites that create a better “sense of place.”

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Business Practices

Our culture emphasizes integrity and honesty in all of our interactions with investors, partners, vendors and community groups.  We pride ourselves on being a leader in the business community and promoting ethical practices in all of our business matters.

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Support for Community Groups

We actively provide financial and non-financial support to charities and non-profit groups in the communities where we have made investments, in addition to encouraging volunteer efforts. A sampling of the groups that we have supported includes: