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Ground-up development.  Property repositioning and rehabilitation.  No matter the strategy to be executed, we have the in-house expertise to successfully navigate the often difficult terrain of the property markets on the Delmarva Peninsula.

With our roots set deep in the communities in which we operate and invest, we recognize the potential of the Delmarva Peninsula real estate markets – an investment space in which few, if any, of our peers have been able to approach our long and successful track record.

Having focused on these real estate markets for several decades, we have the requisite skill set to execute on effective investment strategies, whether they involve developing new properties, turning around troubled development projects, or acquiring and managing performing assets.

Our personnel are well-versed in the complexities of the coastal marketplace and have a proven ability to identify emerging opportunities, execute on complex transactions that require creative structuring and financing, shepherd development projects to completion, and manage operating properties to higher values.

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Development Capabilities

Our senior team has developed properties since the 1980s – a solid foundation that enables us to maintain strong controls over the construction process when we partner with third-party homebuilding firms. We are accustomed to working with our development partners and local agencies to overcome the regulatory, environmental and capital issues that greenfield development projects can encounter.

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Investment Discipline

Over the years, we have fine-tuned a comprehensive investment and management process that emphasizes maximizing returns while mitigating risks at each stage of a real estate asset’s life cycle – from predevelopment, to construction and disposition. We structure investments to maintain flexibility at all times and continually analyze potential exits to mitigate risks or capitalize on shifts in capital-market and property-market conditions.